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Milos is the southernmost island of West Cyclades. Due to its volcanic background, Milos has special geology and unique beaches. The strong volcanic eruption that happened in Milos millions of years ago formatted its present landscape with reddish cliffs, soft sandy beaches, and underwater sea caves. 


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Sarakiniko, Firiplaka, Paleochori, and Tsigrado are the most special beaches in Milos, while very characteristic is the fishing villages, such as Klima and Firopotamos. Interesting sightseeing in Milos is the Christian Catacombs and the Sea Caves of Kleftiko that are accessible only with excursion boat from Adamas or Pollonia.

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Get to know the most exotic island in the Aegean. The island where the Venus de Milo was discovered, and one of the most impressive islands in the Cyclades. Volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink and orange. 

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Standing out for its majestic ambiance, rich history, picturesque fishing villages, amazing food, and indigo bays, Milos island in Greece is a timeless Cycladic gem that will steal your breath with its enchanting beauty. 

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Adamas Village

Adamas is right in the gulf and all ferryboats arrive to its secure harbor. Adamas is the summer “downtown” place of the island of Milos, pivotal to all directions, where the port is and cafes and restaurants face the area where all boats more. Bouganville apartments Milos are in the quite side of Adamas Village just 180m from the sea. 

Adamas, the port of Milos

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Milos is a great place to visit and stay. Explore every aspect of the island from edge to edge and you will be amazed from the beauties Milos has to offer.